Disappeared, former assistant to Bren ir'Gadden


Age: Mid 30’s
Height: 6,1’‘
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Black with Goatee and pencil-moustache
Eyes: Blue
After his torture in the Tower of Scars, now bears an abherrant dragonmark across his right forearm.


Long-time assistant to Lord Major Bren Ir’ Gadden who was kidnapped with his employer in Cyre in the days leading up to the Mourning.
The kidnapping Dolgrim’s were apparently interested in experimenting on Avric by leaving him unrestrained within a large, glowing pattern of prophectic symbols at the Tower of Scars. The exposure not only intensely clouded and tortured Avric’s mind but caused gruesome burns and boils to appears on his left forearm.
Found in an incoherent and non-comprehending state, the PCs fought through a strange attack by the Emerald Claw to get Bren and Avric to safety. Soon after returning to Sharn, Avric left Bren’s employee with little explanation – obviously his torture within the markings profoundly changed him – and little further contact. The last Bren had heard was that he had gone into shop-keeping, “herbs in the middle city somewhere I believe …”
However, the shop was only a front for the nefarious activities of a rapidly maddening Avric. His madness reached a height when he first conjured a Mourning Haunt demon to kill the PCs at the Anniversary of the destruction of Cyre. Then he activated his infernal machine that would explode and destroy Dalhannan tower—killing 1000s. As a punishment for the PCs shutting down the machine just in time, Avric attacked there skycoach. In a climatic battle, he fell from his sky-sled and plummeted into the mist and, undoubtedly, his death.


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