Bill the Contact


Age: Late 30’s
Height: 5’,11’’
Weight: 205 lbs
Hair: Dark blond, moustache, no beard
Eyes: Dark blue
Although unkempt, far from as filthy as a roving bar-fly might be. His tunic shows many stains and his cloak is prpetually muddy but he’s generally well groomed and always bearing his affable grin.


Bill was happy when he encountered the PCs at the bottom of the tower where the Demon Ape struck. Finally, someone who believed he had seen the demon, made of dark-grey mist, pass by and into the base of that tower. A few tankards of Ale endeared the PCs to Bill even more and he relayed the whole story to Ketu and Arweal including the craziest part – hearing those worlds in his head – ” ... desolation stand as one ….”. Although Sharn sells almost everything it doesn’t sell desolation directly, this was part of the prophecy read by Vimalk at the Tower of Scars 4 years earlier.
Since then Ketu has “shared” (Bill the drink, Ketu the buying) a pint with Bill on a few occasions to hear some more stories.

Bill the Contact

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