Bren ir'Gadden


Height: 6’,2’’
Weight: 190Lbs
Hair: Black with the beginnings of grey. Full, but well kept beard.
Eyes: Blue

A naturally charismatic leader, Bren quickly puts his companions at ease. Underneath that jovial exterior, intense eyes miror a focused and observant interior. His service left him with a slight limp but even years later he still moves with the fluidity and economy of a talented swordsman, although he know leaves those worries to his body guards.


A decorated Lord Major in the Brelish forces during the Last War, Bren saw the destruction of Cyre with his own eyes after being rescued by Vimalk, Ketu, Arweal, and Mabu from villains that had kidnapped him and his assistant, Avric. Tragic circumstances forced rivalries aside and he was given his freedom by that mixed nationality band. Haunted by the unexpected and inexplicable loss of so many of his men on the day of Mourning, Bren left his Majesty’s services shortly thereafter and began a merchant shipping company – Crown & Castle Transport. Over the years, the operation has done well, if not spectaculary and Bren maintains a comfortable, upper-class home in Oak Towers (NorthEdge section of Sharn). He has a loving wife – Sameida; two sons – Trine and Russel – who attend an exclusive Valendar military academy; and a young daughter (11) – Tabitha.

Bren ir'Gadden

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