Jack Griff

Owner and Proprietor of "Griff'uns Tavern and Stay-Awhile" in Wroan's Gate (lower Travik's Landing)


Age: 41
Height: 5’, 9’‘
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: Black, greying with full beard
Eyes: Brown
Warm eyes and a quick, friendly smile put even his gruffest customers at ease leading to another mug of that tasty ale—the location and decour ain’t much but Jack’ll treat you right.


Veteran of the Last War, serving with Brelish forces on the Thranian front. 16 years ago, honourable discharged after 4 years for wounds, caused by magic blast, that left him with a profound limp. The wounds resisted any magical attempts to heal. Returned home to Sharn to marry his sweatheart and start a civilian life.
Alerted Arweal to a Warlock Assassin’s who was trying to break into Arweal’s room with less than … honourable … intentions. When the potential attacker fled, he stabbed Jack in the neck to silence the man and, possibly, delay any pursuers.
Has a wife – Matty; and two daughters – Glenda and Gloria – who all work to keep the struggling tavern and inn afloat.

Jack Griff

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