A boy-monk, schooled in the arts of the pursuit of peace.


A young boy. A Human boy, though he appears outlandish for  one. Not older than sixteen years. Dark ocher skin wraps an  underweight frame for his age. Draped in a simple, single sheet  of monotone dark red cloth robe. All that can be seen of his body  from head to toe are the sandals at his feet, and his shaven bald  head. His hands appear folded, or cupped, while wrapped in his  robes at his mid-section. In a cross-legged sitting position whenever  possible. Engaged in what seems like meditation, or contemplation.  He is unarmed, nor armored. Not a weapon, shield or wand can be  seen on his person. All that seems in his material possession is the  red cloth on his body, and the sandals on his feet.


His demeanor is that of unconditional kindness. Which is sounded through calmness, quietness and extinguishment of confrontational behavior. He gives no regard for any role of ego, or pride in himself or in his demeanor towards those he encounters. He looks filled with a sense of gentle understanding. While still having great perception of all things, and people, surrounding him. All his personality feels like it resonates from a mystical vibration that comes from an inner glow within his young body. If he were not clearly just a boy, one could mistake him for a wizened man of many years.

A kind, quiet boy. Mysterious in many ways. His gentle, gleaming dark eyes shine his true strength. Not the earthly container which vessels his kind spirit.

“…My name is Ketu…”


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