Professor Gydd Nephret

Professor of Dhakkanni History at Morgave University.


Age: Approximately late 20’s
Height: 3’,7’’
Weight: 65 lbs
Hair: Light brown, wore conservatively
Eyes: Dark brown. Wears spectacles but those do little to hide their depth
Shy demeanour but a radiant smile when it does emerge. Her aura of intelligence and depth is difficult to miss.


Beautiful stranger found petting Dori outside Rochet’s restaurant in upper Menithis neighbourhood of Sharn. Shy but did tell Mabu about Little Plains and hinted they might bump into each other there.
Once again bumped into the PCs while hunting for rare books for her studies at Morgave University into the Dhakkanni Goblin Empire that ruled Khorvaire millenia ago.
Mabu and her continue their coy flirting.
In attempt to learn more of the enigmatic blade they found in the tomb of Ashtura, the PCs recruited Professor Nephreet. Her initial knowledge was impressive but not enough and she worked tirelessly to both research and recruit the help of experts in the quest.

Professor Gydd Nephret

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