Lieutenant Vellum

Member of Sharn Law Enforcement


Age: late 20’s
Height: 5’,9’‘
Weight: 164 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Grey

Usually seen in a non-descript but well-crafted chain shirt beneath a fine wool cloak. The shirt bears a small oval containing a yellow crown His hand rests of the pommel of his long-sword as his probing eyes pour over this surroundings.


The lieutenant appeared to commandingly inject competency into the farcical investigation following the Demon-Mist-Ape attack at the ceremony in Sharn’s high towers. He spoke briefly toall PCs but shared most of his words with Arweal. Although giving little of his own thoughts, he was very interested to hear what the Eladrin had to say.

Later “arrested” the heroes in order to take them to a top-secret meeting with Captain Kalles about the recovery of a piece of the Ashen Crown. The Citadel wanted the PCs to help the Kech Volaar goblins to recover other pieces in order to legitimize their claim on power in Darguun over more radical Goblin factions.

Lieutenant Vellum

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