Originally settled by a Aundarian Knight who had distinguished himself during the first decade of the war. Tired of war, the knight and his family lived happily on the farm for more than decade. However, they could not hide forever and as the world dragged itself deeper into war, the Knight’s 3 sons enlisted to protect their beloved homeland. Within a year two were dead and a third had been corrupted and twisted into a undead soldier of the Karnathi army. Stricken with grief, the Knight cursed all nations and killed himself and his wife. Stories quickly rose amongst the citizens of Varna that the land was both haunted and cursed. It is little wonder why it lay vacant for almost 60 years until, as payment for releasing the city from a the grip of an Oni-lead criminal organization, the merchant’s guild of Varna presented the land and it’s structures to the adventuring group as payment.


30 Km. South-East of Varna. A road exists for the first 5km. then a simple marked path over broken ground.


Originally 100 Hectares (1Km X 1Km) but expanded via a 10-year-lease to (2Km x 2Km) to handle a community of 60+. Large

Original State

  • Large manor house with enough space for 8 to live comfortably
  • Four story stone tower—8m wide at the base and 5m wide at the top.
  • Although intact, the house and tower will in a state of disrepair and ongoing decay. The structures (walls, roofs, etc.) were intact but with numerous holes or broken areas.

Finished and Ongoing Improvements

Repaired and appointed Helena’s room to “livable” standards
Repaired and appointed Helena’s room to okay standards
Repaired roof and all significant holes in house
Erected frame of a small barn
Created road from house to edge of property
Cleared dire rat’s nest out of tower

Future Improvements (please add any ideas)

Complete road to Varna
Complete barn
Clear land for farming
Repair the tower
Purchase weapons for any militia created from humans / kobolds (when arrive)
Hire a druid or shaman to bless the ground for higher crop yield
Hire a weather mage or shaman seasonally for favorable spring weather



Helena Former Citadel agent managing the property while keeping a low profile
Matthew Newstone Young man from Varna hired to act as Helena’s agent in the town and help wherever he can on the property
Ben & Jerry Two pack-lizards way … way past their prime

Other Inhabitants

Party Contributions

  • 500 GP initial
  • 500 GP (to lease additional land)
  • 500 GP contribution #2

Current Debts

  • 400 GP


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