House Rules

Healing & Injury

System Shock

When a character rises from below 0 hit points to back above that threshold, he must make a system shock saving throw. If the saving throw fails, the character sustains an injury that might hamper him for the rest of the fight. Roll 1d10 and consult the table below:

1. Sprained Arm: -2 on attacks, checks, and all defenses including AC (save ends).
2. Arm Crippled: Right or left arm useless until after short rest.
3. Wrenched Knee: Immobilized (save ends).
4. Hamstrung: Slowed until after short rest.
5. Foot Smashed: Can't shift (save ends).
6. Bell Rung: Stunned (save ends).
7. Concussion: Dazed until after next short rest.
8. Gut Shot: Weakened (save ends).
9. Bleeding Wound: Ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
10. Cracked Rib: Vulnerable 2 against all attacks until after next short rest.

Healing takes time

You do not regain all your healing surges with an extended rest. Instead you regain 1/2 your healing surges with an extended rest.

Out-of-Scene Beast Companions

If outside of a building, a ranger’s beast companion will take – 1d4+1 (close stable) or 1d6+1 (medium distance stable) rounds to arrive.


Resurrection is not available in Eberron … for purchase. There is a persistent rumour that House Jorassco can restore life to the dead and they will do it in exchange for certain … tasks … they need taken care of.

Replacement PCs

When a new PC enters the party, they will:

  • Have the same level and XP as the current party
  • Have a number of magic items equal to the magic item set of the PC with the fewest magic items minus one. The subtracted one will be the lowest-level item. For example, if an existing PC with he fewest items has one Lvl 5, one Lvl 3, and one Lvl 2; then a new PC will get one Lvl 5 and one Lvl 3 item. Note: As of September 1st, this would be one lvl 3 item (Ketu has 1 lvl 3 and 1 lvl 2 item)
  • Have gold equal to 1/2 of the average gold of the party
  • Be required to purchase Ale for the other party members for one month.

House Rules

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