Mabu’s Backstory as of The Day of Mourning

Mabu was born 16 years ago to a small tribe on the plains of the Talanta. His first memories were of war. From the south Valenar raided. From the North came Karrnathi, more dead than alive. To the east the Ironroot Mountains and the Endworld Mountains locked his tribe in the middle of a war that was not theirs. The only land to move into was Cyre, to the west. Some of the tribes did. But Lath Toebo and Shaman Tabi did not.

No matter how often their tribe would move from place to place, no matter how many Karrnathi they killed, no matter how many Valenar they had to feed to herds of clawfeet and carvers, the Lath and their shaman would not allow them to “become like their enemies. To raid and murder the Cyrans on their own land was to become like the Valenar butchers.” Instead, Lath Toebo found a Cyran general and made an alliance. The tribe would provide hunters, scouts, and Cyre would help them defend their land.

On his 15th name day Mabu joined the hunters in battle against those that would attempt to raid the plains. For a year he fought as others had fought before him. He roamed. He tracked. He acted as a scout and guide. Now here he was, in the middle of a battle that was not his own.


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