Session 1 Numbers

This page tracks the nitty gritty details of a night of adventuring, including loot & xp gain, coin spent, and any other changes that are worth tracking

Story 1 (994YK/Threnedor/2nd Zul, Day of Mourning, Breland – various)

All characters are given reasons to travel to a watch tower near the border of Cyre in Breland.

Encounter 1 (Day of Mourning, Breland – abandoned watchtower)

The characters reach the tower from different directions and end up in combat.

  • faced: Krithik & Dolgrims
  • loot: none


Memorable Moments

Story 2 (Day of Mourning, Breland – abandoned watchtower)

Met Bren ir’Gaddin & Avric

Examines rune, hears prophecy:

“Four at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar”

Encounter 2 – (Day of Mourning, Breland – abandoned watchtower)

When leaving the tower, the party encounters more enemies.

  • faced: Zombies & Emerald Claw cultists
  • loot: 70g (Mabu), Amulet of Physical Resolve (Vimalk), Potion of Resistance to Necrotic (Ketu), Longsword +1 (Arweal)


Memorable Moments

Story 4 (Day of Mourning, Breland – abandoned watchtower, edge of the Mournland mists)

As the fight continues, the sky turns orange. Lightning. A mist is approaching from the east. We flee, but return to investigate the mist when it stops. Attempt to help survivors who are stumbling out of the mist horribly injured. Forced to intervene when, even now, fools wish to fight.

Story 5 (the 4 years following the Day of Mourning, various)

All characters try to pick up the pieces following the day of mourning and merge events with pre-existing backstory.

Story 6 (nearly 4 years after the Day of Mourning, various)

All characters receive an invitation (and passage) from [:brennpc | Bren ir’Gadden]] to visit Sharn for a Day of Mourning memorial ceremony. All accept.

  • loot: invitations from Bren

Story 7 (days before ceremony, various)

Characters arrive in Sharn and attempt to learn more about the ceremony. Drink in the wonders of thse fabulous city.

Side-story 1 (days before ceremony, Sharn – Inn)

Assassin attempts to break into Arweal’s room, but fails. Inn-keeper ( Jack Griff ) is gravely wounded and Arweal helps rather than pursue assassin.

Side-story 2 (days before ceremony, Sharn)

Ketu has a dream of a golden eye with tentacles dragging him in to a giant maw. Sees flshes of whirling steel as an eladrin warrior slices tentacles in two, hears the roar of a beast struggling free him, and feels large hands pulling him away.

Encounter 3 (998YK/Threnedor/2nd Zul, day of ceremony, Sharn – plaza atop tower)


  • faced: mist ape
  • loot: none


Memorable Moments

Story 8 (day of ceremony, Sharn)

Encounter with incompetent watch and mysterious Lieutenant Vellum. Vimalk tells the Lieutenant about the symbol in the air. Learn that Duke Bravnir hosted the ceremony and owns the property.

Leaving tower, hear someone claim they saw the ape heading up into the tower. Party offers to buy Bill the Contact a drink and learns more. Bill claims to have heard ”...desolation stand…” in his head, may be fragment of prophecy. Party does not see a way to trace the path of the ape.

Story 9 (night of ceremony, Sharn)

Party attends dinner with Bren. Bren claims no knowledge about source of attack. Is vague about Alvric since the war. Promises to send contact information for sources at the arcane college to further investigate the symbol from that day.

On the way out, Mabu encounters a female halfling – Nephreet- petting his mount. Other PCs pretend to find the road-side very interesting as two halflings make eyes.

Story 10 (next day, Sharn)

Back at the inn, party discusses options for further investigation. Arweal reveals that he has an errand to perform and will meet us later in the day. Mabu takes others to Little Plains, a Talanta halfling district in the city.

  • purchases: services of a halfling lockpicker (-5g Mabu), dark cloaks for party & everlight lantern1 (-15g Vimalk)

Encounter 4

Having only one lead left – Avric and the fact he was at the Tower of Scars but not at the ceremony – track down the location of his home. Mysteriously all the windows are boarded on the inside and secured. Arweal and Mabu watch while Vimalk and Ketu check for any messages from Bren back at the inn. After seeing a goblin suspiciously checking out the PC’s previous knocking and then later seeing guard drake’s being delivered, they are sure something this going.

faced: 2 guard drakes, 2 goblins, hobgoblin, 2 shifters

loot: not investigated – I expect the house will be searched before we depart


The house begins to shake more violently. The party heads upstairs. Sees strange machines, mutated hobgoblin controlling one of the machines with two long tentacles, and bedraggled human in the distance.

Memorable Moments


  • Mabu: +710xp, +70g
  • Vimalk: +710xp, gains Amulet of Physical Resolve
  • Ketu: +710xp, gains Potion of Resistance to Necrotic
  • Arweal: +710xp, gains longsword +1

1 I consider those to really be disposable costs for the express purpose of our plans for the evening, even if ultimately the cloaks went unused.

Session 1 Numbers

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