Session 10 Numbers

May 2nd, 2010

This page tracks the nitty gritty details of a night of adventuring, including loot & xp gain, coin spent, and any other changes that are worth tracking

Story 1 (Day 1)

After defeating the ogre barbarian and its dire stirge “birdy”, one of the guards was interrogated and murdered. It was learned that a dozen barrels of an explosive compound were sold by those who would be later identified as the Royal Eyes of Aundair to the Children of Winter. The barrels were taken outside the warehouse and set alight. The Merchant’s Bureau was told about the location of the warehouse and over the course of the next day, they recovered about one third of the goods within before setting the rest of it alight.

Story 2 (Day 2)

The next night, Vilmak woke to a pair of wererat assassins wielding poisoned blades who magically sealed the door to prevent rescue. Eventually Sy and Puck rushed in to aid Vilmak, and in the ensuing battle one of the wererats escaped and the other was killed.

Story 3 (Day 3)

It was decided that it was too dangerous to take any longer with the investigation, and a direct attack on the Lucky Pixie. Vilmak possessed a rat to scout out the interior of the hidden room and discovered that detailed notes were kept by the medusa on all of the Organization’s transaction, and also that the fat man and the medusa entered through a portal in the wall. Using a bottle of black dragon’s blood extract to burn a hole in the roof, Puck, Sy and Vilmak were able to enter the Lucky Pixie in the middle of the day without alerting the guards. Going through the portal in the back room led the trio into what they would soon learn was the sanctum of the fat guy, who was a disguised oni. Somehow aware of the breach on his sanctum, the oni, the medusa, and the warforged spotted earlier attacked the heroes, and were eventually defeated.

Total Net gp gained: 140 each

Session 10 Numbers

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