Session 2 Numbers

Encounter 1 (Tower Topple Terror, Upper floor of Avric’s Townhouse)

After dispatching the guards on the ground floor, the PCs head up stairs to find a fiendish, arcane machine manned by an eyeless, tentacled terror and two dopplegangers. The machine was the source of the rumblings and getting more unstable, firing lightning in random directions. Possibly thousands of lives were at stake. Lieutenant Vellum, who had been following them, rushes in and downs the Dolgaunt with an arrow. Although the PCs had the situation fairly well in hand, the help was appreciated. One of the dopplegangers was killed and one imprisoned. Vilmalk and Mabu managed to disarm the machine with the help of Arweal and Ketu. Vellum made redundant demands.

Met Lieutenant Vellum

  • faced: Dolgaunt and 2 dopplegangers
  • loot: 2 resonance crystals, 2 suppression crystals, 200 GP, Exilir of Will, (from below) Shortbow + 1

Memorable Moments

Story 1: A good night’s rest.

A long sleep and hearty breakfast in a upper-scale inn paid for by the King’s Citadel, went far to improve the PCs disposition. The mail boy delivers anything waiting at the mail depot for the PCs. Vimalk has a letter from his pal, Dolory Tifton, saying she’ll be staying with her Aunt in the village of BlackRoot for two more weeks and wouldn’t mind a visit – how exciting could the swamp be? The girls did much shopping at the magic shop, trading in the crystals and gold for an +1 distance enchantment on Mabu’s boomerang. Also investigated Avric’s shop but as expected it was crawling with city watch.

Story 2: The day after the day after.

The PCs are greeted by an envelope at each of their doors. It contains a note congratulating them that they’re “sorta, momentarily famous” and a cut-out of this morning’s Sharn Inquisitor – the bastion of truth and accuracy in the city ( text here ). Another surprise is waiting for them in the lobby. Rafi Flukes, a young gnome employed as a mayoral page, is to take them to a ceremony at City Hall this afternoon. They are to be given the “Order of Civic Duty” for their heroics. What should have been a calm sky coach ride is interrupted by ….

Encounter 2 (Voices huh?)

On the way to the ceremony, the skycoach is attacked by a frothing Avric and his goblin gang on magical flying disks. Avric now bears an aberrhant mark where none was before and is clearly upset about the lack of boom the other night. During the shoot-out in the skies the pilot is killed by the archers and the sky-coach goes out of control. Vimalk quickly learns its a bit more complex than a big wheel but manages to avert a crash just in time. Avric’s devastating black-lightning attacks were finally ended by an unforgettable maneuver. Mabu lept from the coach 20 feet through the air onto Avric’s sky-sled. Avric was going down that easily and stayed on the sled, wrestling with the halfling while pouring black-lightning down upon him from his eyes. As the epic struggle continued … they were hit by a sky boat. The agile Mabu grabbed the railing and Avric fell off. Silently he disappeared into the mist.

Met: An Incompetent Hippogriff-Cop & Several surprised tower dwellers

  • faced: Avric (necro-nutbar), 6 Goblin Archers, an out-of-control skycoach
  • loot: Staff of Draconic Power + 1

Memorable Moments

Story 3: Yup babe, it’s real brass

Battered and bloodied, a frantic Raffi Flukes pushes them into the ceremony just as it begins. A distracted mayor doesn’t notice as he rapidly pins medals ( Picture ) and leaves. Vellum slips up to the PCs and congratulations them on the honor. He (too) subtely informs Arweal that his “friend” from the inn (first night in Sharn) has been “handled”, but intelligence reports place him at the Candlestick Inn in GalethSpyre two weeks ago. Against all odds, this is on the way to the Village of BlackRoot. The PCs decide to head out for GalethSpyre and BlackRoot in two days. Mabu pays a student at Morgave University to investigate his tattered symbol piece.

Story 4: Riding the Rails

On the way to the Lightning Rail station, a misbehaving Dovi disappears into the crowd. Mabu catches up to find the clawfoot visiting Gydd Nephret who was out shopping for rare books. After another coy conversation, Mabu joins the group and everyone’s off to GalethSpyre by Rail and Coach.

A pair of House Pharialan buskrs put on a mystical show for the amusement of a rude but rich Goblin:

“Long ago the Goblin Empire of the Dhakanni held Korhaive in it’s powerful claws. From sea to sea they took what they wished and even the dragons paid heed. All feared and respected the Goblin except the foolish, prideful elves from Aerenel who dared to found a pathetic little village. Swift was the Goblins vengeance, they destroyed the elves and even captured the mighty Arkantaash for thier king. Once again Korhaive rested with its rightful, wise, and fearsome rulers – the Goblins”

“Xendrik Jones and the Citadel of Death” would have been better.

Story 5: A nice little walk …

The PCs arrive in the town of GalethSpyre in order to follow up with Lieutenant Vellum’s lead about his attempted assassin being seen here three weeks ago. Some investigation at “The Candle Stick” and around, nets little information about the thwarted villain, but does locate a guide ( That Guide Guy ) to take 30 KMs through the swamp to the village of BlackRoot for a “modest” fee. The onerous, annoying, nasty trip became even more worse as the sun set the first day.

Encounter 3 (That’s a croc or two)

Having to leave the “path” due to a wash-out, the PCs wade through the brackish water to get around the problem. In an area that appears despressingly like a perfect black dragon range, Ketu spots a huge, yellow eye slipping between the water. Quickly the PCs are attacked by 1 then 2 Visejaw crocodolies. Despite the challenging terrain of the swamp, the PCs are able to defeat the beasts, grab their valuable eyes and teeth then go.

  • faced: 2 Visejaw Crocodiles
  • loot: 2 pairs of teeth and eyes worth 50GP per crocodile

Memorable Moments

Story 6: This is not the Hilton

Muddy (and bloody) and tired, the PCs arrive at the village only to get a sour greeting from Torrash, the reeve, telling them that there’s nothing real for them and Dolory and her Aunt left a week ago. Investigating the Aunt’s shack quickly reveals several anomolies. Perhaps it was the swamp, but Arweal is not in the mood for detective work and soon has his spear tip at Torrash’s throat demanding answers. Frightened villages quickly surround the PCs and Torrash uses the confusion to escape. Arweal teleports through the Feywild to pursue while the PCs push through the throng (some more … enthusiastically … than others).

Encounter 4

Finally the group is able to pursue Torrash to a cave on one of the fill high-grounds in the swamp. For a second, the orc guards try to pretend innonence, for a second. Descending from the trees, cultists join the battle.

  • faced: 2 Orc Wardens, 2 Cultist Eyeblades
  • loot: 2 gold pouches with 60GP

Session 2 Numbers

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