Session 3 Numbers

h3. (Cultist’s Cave near BlackRoot)

Some careful scouting brings the PCs to source of a dull red glow About 5 meters of cavern walls are covered with slowly crawling ancient symbols. Vimalk and Ketu attempt to read them with very different results. Ketu’s remarkable perception is overwhelmed by the depth and mystery resulting in a psychic backlash. Vimalk manages to make more sense of them—he realizes that these are the spiritual essences of people who have died in this cave. The PCs move on, determined not add their names.

They meet a more sinister set of symbols up ahead in a marble-tiled room. These symbols are etched in a 7 meter wide diagnonal swath across the room. Vimalk begins to cross by rolling out bed-rolls to cover them. This pragmatic idea works well until the others notice that the symbols are “burning” through the bedrolls without physically harming them. Before Vimalk can reach safety he is affected—filled with hatred he stabs Arweal with his spear. He quickly recovers but not quick enough for the bleeding Eladrin. Mabu leaps across the gap with ease while Ketu and Arweal have trouble crossing the gap without touching the symbols. Ketu manages to fight off their effects, but blind rage overwhelms Arweal and he gets an unfortunate revenge on Vimalk.

Encounter 1 (The Baleful Eye)

A massive golden, eye (with tentacles of course) embedded in the wall is leading the cultists in a dark rite. The cultists have been stripped and a eye growing in their back is clearly visible. A battle ensues in which the villains are defeated and the eye destroyed. However, neither the imprisoned villagers of Dolory can be found. After the death of the eye, a new passage creaks open, a passage that leads into Khyber itself ….

  • faced: 1 Dolgaunt Acolyte, 1 orc warden, 8 cult fanatics, 1 Evil Eye on the wall
  • loot: 60 GP in loose coin, Dolgaunt’s platinum (but mundane) braceelet

Memorable Moments

Encounter 2 (The Well of Darkness)

Descending into Khyber – the realm of Madness – the PCs are expecting strangeness and horror but are suprised by a battle with a living spell, a living darkness. AS they approach all light is dimmed and then it struck. It’s insubstantial nature and ability to fully engulf heros possibly would have been deadly had it not been for Vimalk’s ability to control it with his power over the winds and Ketu’s radiant blasts that torn through the darkness.

  • faced: 1 Living Darkness
  • loot: 90 GP worth of left-over residium

Memorable Moments

Encounter 3 (The floor that wasn’t hungry)

A scream in the distance propels the heroes towards their clash with the forces of madness. But first they meet with some old friends - Dolgrimms - the fierceful goblin-in-a-goblin they battled at the tower of scars. Hidden beneath the strange, undulating floors giant mouths lurk to snatch at any unlucky enough to walk over top … of which none of the PCs were.

  • faced: Dolgaunt Acolyte, 3 Dolgrimm Warriors, hungry mouths lurking in the floor
  • loot:

Memorable Moments

Session 3 Numbers

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