Session 4 Numbers

—h3. Encounter 1 (Cultist Showdown)

Finally battling to the kidnapped villagers, the heroes are greeting by a ghastly sight – all have been sacrificed in gruesome ways – only Dolory Tifton remains and she is in the process of being bled into a ceremonial pool to complete the ritual. The Dolgaunt Acolyte works to complete the ritual while Torrash and the cultists engage the PCs. The battle appears bleak for the PCs from the beginning and they fight knowing they can not abandon a friend. However, clever hit-and-run tactics and the stonewalling by Vimalk’s brave spirit bear manage to wrest victory from certain defeat but just barely.

  • faced: Torrash, 1 dolgaunt acolyte, 1 cultist eyeblade, 6 cult fanatics
  • loot: The coat of eyes (unfortunately)

Memorable Moments

Encounter 2 (Save Our Souls)

Ketu and Mabu rush to the dying Dolory’s aid, she’s lost alot of blood but perhaps Ketu’s skill can save her. Meanwhile Arweal and Vimalk follow anguished moans into the strange chamber beyond. In the chamber, they find dozens of warped kyhber crystals holding the souls of the slain villagers. Each one begs to saved from the eternal hells as a master crystal works to completely capture their souls. Vimalk and Arweal manage to free many (but unfortunately not all) of the imprisoned souls. Outside another drama plays out as Dolory is stabilized and then brought back to consciousness by Ketu. Breathing a sigh of relief Ketu notices Torrash’s Coat of Eyes floating toward him and hears a compelling whisper in his mind—“Let me join you and I can show you so much more of the world …”. As Ketu was told by the old man to go into the world and see, he dawns the cloak. Instantly it digs tendrils into his flesh and bonds with him. Although it is an item of power and immediately heightens Ketu’s already impressive awareness, it is not a good situation and is likely to get much worse.

  • faced: Soul Prison
  • loot: Coat of Eyes

Memorable Moments

Story 1 (Return to the Village)

Leaving the realm of madness behind the PCs learn that they have spent 3 days in that realm while experiencing only a few hours. Returning they find a devastated village of Blackroot. Their meager harvest is coming in but they have lost a third of their population and will be hardpressed to survive the forthcoming winter. Most of the village is awed and over-joyed that they have killed the cultist and freed them from the harvest forever. An orc farmer who lost his brother to Mabu when the PCs were trying to escape the crowd makes a feeble attempt for vengeance but his disabled. Although Dolory wants to leave as soon as possible, the heroes stay one more night so they can organize a party of village men to lead them through the swamp and then the PCs will buy them grain to take back—another noble gesture. Ketu learns that the coat hates being covered and is willing to sicken and punish him to make the point. Arweal participates in a silent ceremony to honor Dolory’s dead aunt and then they are gone.

Story 2 (Away from the Village)

The party of villages leads the PCs quickly through the swamp and soon they return to the town of GalethSpyre late in the night. The next day grain is bought and the PCs wish the villagers best of luck as they catch a coach and then a lightning rail car back to Sharn. They are forced to purchase a first class ticket in order to get Ketu a private room so that he may let the eyes see without causing a disturbance. Vimalk and Dolory become more and more anxious of the Coat’s intentions and what effects it may have on the young man who is much stronger than he appears … but enough to hold back the will of a Daelkyur lord?

Story 3 (Nothing to do with the Village)

Arweal stops in to check on the condition of Jack Griff the inn keeper who saved his life from the assassin. Weak but up and on his feet, Jack is happy to see the Eladrin and invites him and his friends to a late dinner the next night. Arweal decides to make it easy and arranges for rooms for all the heroes. Over the course the night and next day, they begin to expect that their might be more to this dinner that it seems.

Encounter 2a (Helping Jack Griff, if they want to or not)

Nothing ruins a dinner party than a torch hurled through a window, especially when thrown by some extortionist thugs. The pleasant conversation spoiled, Jack (mostly) and the PCs decide to make their desert a bit more combative with a battle in the streets (and in the inn) against the gang members. Early on one flees and an enraged Jack gives chase. The gang members are quickly subdued or chased off.

  • faced: 2 Tiefling Darkblades, 2 Longtooth Hunters, 1 Tiefling Shadowblade
  • loot: 60 GP, 4 gold earrings worth 10GP each, Platinum ring worth 30GP

Memorable Moments

Encounter 2b (Helping Jack Griff, if they want to or not)

At Matty Griff’s desperate urging, Arweal and Mabu try to pickup Jack’s trail after he chasing one of the extortionists. Luckily both are bleeding significantly and the trail is easy to follow. The path leads into the sewers where a scream is heard . Rushing to Jack’s aid, they see the inn keeper frozed as a Gray Ooze consumes the gang member and turns it’s sights on Jack. The pair manage to kill the oozes but it is very close—only Mabu is left conscious. After a short rest he slowly pulls everyone to safety.

  • faced: 2 large gray ooze, 6 small gray ooze
  • loot: 70GP, Serpentskin Armor, Frozen Whetstone

Memorable Moments

Story 4 (Ketu’s Eye-ctomy)

The Coat of Eyes continues to exert a strong, domineering, and cruel influence on young Ketu who has spent the majority of the last days in his room with nausea. The Coat is unhappy with Ketu’s unwillingness to commit evil in the name of exploration (of what’s inside a cat for example).
The Gatekeeper elders, who Dolory and Vimalk something through House Silvas, recognize the graveness of the situation and move with all haste to a portal to Sharn. Vimalk rents an abandoned warehouse for the purging and worries that the Gatekeepers do not particularly care what happens to the host. In a spectacular (and, for Ketu, painful) ceremony they tear the coat from the Cleric’s body and shatter it. Mission accomplished for them, but Ketu is near death and requires immediate aid. The Gatekeepers hurl a bag of gold on the ground as they leave and instruct Vimalk to get Ketu to House Jorasco. There, the skills of those with the healing mark save Ketu’s life.

Story 5 (Getting Hooked)

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Session 4 Numbers

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