Session 8 Numbers

October 18th, 2009

This page tracks the nitty gritty details of a night of adventuring, including loot & xp gain, coin spent, and any other changes that are worth tracking

Story 1 (Day 1)

The party is kicked out of Captain Kalles’s office and returns to the inn. Their ship will depart in the morning three days hence.

Story 2 (Day 2)

The party heads to their scheduled meeting with Professor Gydd Nephret, Aelenni and Professor Rautin to discuss any further discoveries about Ashtura’s Blade. Gydd arrives late and suggests a goblin dominance ritual to convince the blade that Arweal is a goblin leader. Arweal and Mabu brawl, with Arweal coming out the victor. In response the blade extends itself to a longsword, revealing it’s power to the group. The group convinces everyone that they should be given time to track down the other artifacts before the professors publish any papers about the blade.

Story 3 (Day 3)

The party decides to enjoy a celebratory dinner prior to their departure in the morning. At dinner Vimalk receives a note from an anonymous “friend” that they are being watched by a goblin. Shortly after this, Vimalk notices a goblin waving to get his attention. Vimalk speaks with the goblin and after the exchange of some gold, the goblin reveals that they are being watched by a man across the street, and the goblin saw he was wearing an emerald claw necklace around his neck. Concerned, Vimalk returns to the table and explains the situation, asking Arweal to go ask some pointed question.

Arweal’s cautious approach alerts the cultist and he overturns the table and attempts to flee. He does not get far before Arweal grabs him in front of a gathering crowd and the group takes him into a side alley to get some answers. The cultist reveals that he had been hired by a blond Skullborn elf to watch them, and that he was supposed to report to her at the university library at midnight. Hearing the approaching watch, the group releases the cultist and slips away.

Encounter 1 (Day 3)

The party decides that the cultist’s description matches Aelenni and they go to Professor Gydd Nephret’s home to try to find Aelenni’s address. The house seems empty, but when the party moves to the second floor they are greeted by an illusion of Aelenni telling them that she has Gydd and her master will succeed.

  • faced: 1 ? wight, 2 ?, 3 shambling zombies
  • loot: none

Story 4 (Day 3)

Searching for clues, the group discovers Professor Rautin’s corpse in the trash in an alley below as well as Aelenni’s address. After some debate, the group travels to the address.

There they are confronted by an unhelpful desk clerk and some imposing warforged. After unsuccessfully attempted to barge up the stairs to Aelenni’s rooms, the group is forced to bribe the watch to be allowed to depart and return to the inn.

Story 5 (Day 4)

The group wakes for their 9am meeting with Captain Kalles and after explaining the events of the previous evening, they are underway in their airship to meet up with Yira’s group seeking the next piece of the crown. Two uneventful days pass in flight. On Day 6 the airship puts down in Ardeve and begin travelling overland to the Six Kings.

Encounter 2 (Day 7)

We encounter 3 humans looming over a tied up goblin and intervene, assuming the goblin may be part of Yira’s party.

  • faced: 5 human emerald claw cultists
  • loot: 10 alchemist arrows

The goblin says he was beset by bandits on his way to Ardeve. The group sees no reason to restrain him.

Story 6 (Day 8-10)

The next two days of travel are uneventful, but up ahead the group sees a campfire and a single gnoll standing watch. Not knowing the exact composition of Yira’s party, the group approaches openly. When they near the camp they are confronted by the gnoll and a minotaur companion, who demands 100g for the right to travel on the road. Ketu notices two orcs hiding in the bushes nearby, but still the group decides to fight… (to be continued next session)


  • Mabu: +410xp,
  • Vimalk: +410xp
  • Ketu: +410xp, purchased lvl1 Holy Water
  • Arweal: +410xp, gains 10 alchemist arrows

Session 8 Numbers

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