Session 9 Numbers

April 4th, 2010

This page tracks the nitty gritty details of a night of adventuring, including loot & xp gain, coin spent, and any other changes that are worth tracking

Story 1 (Day 1)

Upon returning to Greenheart, Vimalk learns that an outsider by the name of Devin is being held by the Gatekeepers for sedition. Shortly afterwards, a human by the name of Simon “Sy” d’Orien approaches the party and asks for their aid in interceding on Devin’s behalf, claiming to be an old friend of the prisoner. Cantor, a centaur Gatekeeper, agrees to let Devin go on the condition that he never return, and for this leniency Sy is extremely grateful. The group also encounters a gnome merchant by the name of Puck who requires traveling companions, and the five set out for Varna.

Story 2 (Day 6)

A few hours outside of Varna, the party is stopped by three brigands, two half-orcs and a bugbear, who are quickly dispatched. Just outside the city borders, they are approached by someone who wants to pay them to bring illegal herbs into the city, but will not do so themselves for fear of crossing “the Organization”. The party does some investigation and discovers that a criminal syndicate has taken over the underworld of Varna. Having nothing better to do, the group decides to remove “the Organization” from Varna’s list of burdens.

The group learns that “the Organization” has a reputation for revenge, has influence in the city council, has corrupted most of the city watch, has far-reaching influence, and engages in every kind of illegal enterprise. Their enforcers include two minotaurs, bugbears, half-orcs, and a tiefling wizard by the name of Ulric. A possible leader is an obese human with a veiled medusa bodyguard who was seen entering the Lucky Pixie. The only trustworthy member of the watch is Sgt. Williams.

The group is approached by the Varna Business Improvement Association which wishes to see “the Organization” removed. The BIA consists of: Matheus (human, Jewel of Varna), Newton (gnome, apothecary), Tad (Goliath, weapons shop), Sika (half-elf, shipping business), Efrem (human, wands), and they offer either a sum of gold to be paid over the course of three years, or a sizable discount at their stores for the next year, or a plot of land.

Story 3 (Day 8)

After a couple of days, and nights, of investigation, the party tracks a large warforged to a warehouse in the woods a couple of hours outside of Varna. The warehouse is guarded by two patrols, each consisting of two half-orcs and a mastiff. The group attacks a patrol outside the door to the warehouse and takes them down quickly, though not before they are able to sound the alarm. The other patrol does not come to investigate and is MIA. Inside the warehouse the group is attacked by an ogre barbarian who commands a flight of stirges.

Session 9 Numbers

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