goliath shaman – protector spirit – level 1

First Impressions

At 7’4”, Vimalk towers over most travellers in Khorvaire, but he is only average height for a Goliath. Lightly muscled, his hairless grey skin is mottled with brown patches. Despite his imposing appearance, Vimalk is a calm, almost unassuming presence. His gleaming green eyes seem to contemplate all that he sees, considering everything around him in its turn. The expression on his face is carefully neutral. When he speaks, you can hear the mountains in the low bass of his voice. A large black burn runs from the base of the smallest finger on his left hand all the way around his wrist up to his elbow. The flesh is puckered, but the muscle beneath appears healthy.

Vimalk wears a shirt and skirts of leather. His arms and legs are mostly bare except for the leather boots he wears and the pieces of leather strapped to his upper arms and forearms. He carries a sack slung over his shoulder and a number of pouches at his waist. He leans casually on a long spear. Looking closely you notice that the blade of the spear is not tied or nailed to the haft, but rather the wood appears to be carved around the base of the blade, holding it firmly in place. Upon further examination you see that the entire length of the haft appears to be carved of intertwining brambles and you wonder that the thorns do not prick Vimalk’s skin.



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