Arweal of the lost House Ishori in Shaelas Tiraleth 

Physically he is not tall and is rather slender, but carries himself with a confidence of a more powerful figure. His movements are refined and graceful, but spartan and efficient. With sharp, elven features, blondish hair, and eyes that, like most of those of the Feylands, seem to shift in color, he cuts a striking figure. Fluent in Common it is obviously a second language betraying a slight Cyran accent. Though pleasant and likable, his genteel manner betrays a feeling of someone not fully comfortable in this world.

If the weather is cool he wears a black cloak, military cut, but with a fine gold embroidered edging, it is a bit worn but obviously of superior quality. His armor is also unique, made of what looks like large scales of an otherworldly serpent, deep, dark red in color with an almost translucent quality. His clothing is also finely crafted, supple leathers and fine silks, but without the ostentatiousness normally seen in the noble cast.

He holds a great spear, one that has seen much use, but looks as strong and sharp as the day it was forged. He also wears a long, slightly curved sword and a short hunting bow of Elvish manufacture. More than this would require closer observation, which might be considered rude.



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